At our Tampa hair restoration clinic, we strive to provide our patients with the best results possible. We use advanced technology and minimal recovery time so you can live your life again after your hair transplant surgery! You’ll be combing your fingers through your hair again and enjoying the beautiful Tampa sunshine. You’ll look back and wish you scheduled your free hair consultation sooner.

The list of benefits from hair transplant surgery is long and includes everything from increased self-confidence, a beautiful head hair again!

Eliminate Balding

If you’re suffering from hair loss and would like to have a full head of thick, healthy locks again then it’s time for some serious action. Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel, hair transplant specialist at Concord Hair Florida will direct your attention towards the perfect treatment plan that fits into whatever lifestyle changes may need adjusting in order to ensure success!

Faster Recovery Time

Patients who choose to go through with a Follicular Unit Strip or FUE procedure have low maintenance because it’s less complicated than hair transplant methods of the past. You can wear your hair in whatever style you want right away, and there are no long periods of time needed for healing before going about daily life again like after an invasive surgery like the one done on yourself!

FUE is an Affordable and Effective Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss surgery, like any other cosmetic procedure, is not without its price tag. However, hair transplantation has been proven time and again as a cost-effective solution for those suffering from folliculitis or alopecia areata that does not respond well to conventional treatments such as medication or counseling alone. It produces tangible results with every surgical procedure performed which makes this type of treatment appealing in comparison with some alternatives out there where one might wait years before seeing an improvement – even if they do eventually see their desired outcome at all!

Beautiful Natural Results – We use NeoGraft®

NeoGraft® is a revolutionizing technology that has changed the way we think about hair restoration. With its combination of follicular unit extraction and automated machinery, it eliminates one major disadvantage from manual FUE methods while improving on all cosmetic strip procedure-related issues such as pain relief or scarring potentials! Learn more about this amazing hair transplant facility located in Tampa—where you can restore your confidence with qualified medical professionals who are as skilled at their jobs by using NeoGraft’s advanced techniques.

Hair loss is a very common struggle for many people. After visiting the right medical professional, they can regain their confidence and happiness with natural-looking hair! If you have questions about restoring your hair we’re here to answer your questions. We’re your local hair transplant experts in Tampa, Florida.

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