There are many causes and solutions to hair loss. It could be due to genetics, stress, or illness but if you’re experiencing this problem then don’t worry because here are five causes and solutions to be aware of.


Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Other medications may also cause your scalp to produce less hair over time- such as birth control pills or blood pressure medication! If you are experiencing this issue it’s important that talk with your doctor about the possibility of switching drugs so they don’t continue losing their battle against alopecia.

Genetic Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss, but genetic factors play an important role. If your family has experienced this condition before you then chances are high that it could happen again because there’s not much one can do about their genes! However, knowing what caused the problem may help with treatment options. As a hair specialist Dr. In Tampa FL, Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel can give you a free consultation to help you understand what type of hair loss condition you have and your treatment options.

Hormonal hair Loss

Hair loss can also be caused by hormonal changes. This is most common in women going through menopause or pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, where there are several treatments available for your problem including hormone therapy and medications such as minoxidil/ Propecia. If you’re experiencing hair loss because of hormonal imbalances, make sure to seek medical help before taking any action on the matter yourself!

High Stress Levels

You know that stressed-out feeling when you can’t sleep, your heart is racing and all of a sudden hair starts to fall out? Well, it turns out there are some scientific reasons for this. When we’re under high levels of stressors like major life events or prolonged periods where things don’t go our way (like an argument), the cortisol hormone kicks into gear causing us to lose hair! To avoid further damage try reducing these triggers in order reduce the amount falling off while also increasing healthy lifestyles such as exercise which has been shown helpful with preventing excess shedding.

Poor Nutrition

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including poor nutrition. Your body needs the proper nutrients to grow healthy hair and prevent it from falling out; make sure you eat balanced meals that include plenty of fruit or vegetables for best results! If your lack of certain vitamins is causing an imbalance that leads towards thinning locks then speak with someone who knows what they’re doing–a qualified dietician can help!

Talk to a Hair Specialist Today!

The best way to get back your hair is by getting in touch with a specialist. This person will be able to identify the cause and recommend treatment plans that are tailored just for you! If you’re looking for a permanent solution, a hair transplant could be your best solution.

Hair Transplants are Innovative and Producing Natural Looking Results!

Considering a hair transplant? Hair transplants have come a long way from unsightly “plugs” or linear scars. The newest hair transplant technology produces natural-looking results! FUE is an innovative technology that involves no cutting of the patient’s scalp, sutures or staples. It also has fast recoveries with almost overnight healing periods for those who have it done!

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