Has your hair started to thin? Do you worry that it’s not as healthy or shiny anymore, and balding in some places on the head is becoming more evident? If so then don’t feel alone. The five ways your hair changes as you age mentioned below are listed below. And if you have any of these traits, at Concord Hair Florida, we offer top quality treatments designed specifically around addressing individual concerns including:

1. Brittle Hair Texture

As we age, our hair becomes brittle and more prone to breakage. When you brush or comb your tresses with a wide-tooth comb it’ll help reduce the damage caused by stretching out those fragile strands!

2. Hair Begins to Look Dull, Loss of Healthy Shine

As we age, our hair becomes less glossy and seems to lose its shine. The fact is that the layer of oil deposited on strands as they grow causes them to look shiny in appearance; however, this comes at a cost for many people who find their locks dryer than before or have noticeable split ends after running fingers through it due to either an overuse issue with hot tools parched ends caused by frequent chemical processes such as perms/relaxers like color treated hair may actually become even more sensitive under these circumstances because there isn’t enough natural protein left within your tresses which can lead do breakage easily when stressed out from constant exposure.

3. Frizzy Hair Becomesthe New Norm

The most common cause of frizziness in elderly people is that their body produces less hair than it used to. As we age, the production process becomes unsynchronized and as a result, there are fewer strands produced at one time increasing how much your head looks like an afro! A conditioner can be very helpful because they reduce this unpleasantness caused by unruly follicles trying desperately hard not just produce but also grow more incorrectly sized ones while being weighed down by old skin cells on top; therefore making those hairs stick out even further due to their lackluster appearance with few layers (dull).

4. Thinning Hair

Hair thins as you age and menopause often brings on thinning. Your hair becomes finer, less lustrous than before – a natural result of time passing by! Hair thins with age, but there is something you can do about it! As your hair becomes thinner over time and loses its luster due to the increased diameter at first. Hair loss will start around 40 years old however female pattern baldness doesn’t begin until menopause in women who go through hormonal changes such as those related to menstruation or pregnancy.

5. Grey Hair

As we age, our hair becomes grayer. This is because pigment-producing cells in the base of your follicles change and produce less color as it grows over time; resulting in gray or white strands being produced instead.

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The first thing you should know is that there are five changes happening in your hair if they haven’t already. The good news is, in most cases these can be treated through different remedies and procedures at Concord Hair Florida’s Hair Restoration Clinic! From FUE Hair Restoration services to FUE Eyebrow Restoration, we can help restore your hairline with FUE hair transplants, hair growth supplements, and more.

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