Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, FL has become a hot spot for people looking for the BEST hair transplant Doctors in demand. Not only can you get an amazing natural looking restored head of hair, but Tampa is also a top place to vacation. So why not get the best out of both worlds? Vacation and restore your hairline! We’ll help you learn how to research the right hair transplant surgeon in Tampa FL.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hair transplant surgeon. The first point is the type of hair loss that the patient suffers from. For example, early hair loss may result from trauma, such as chemotherapy. Other patients may experience multiple types of medical conditions, such as alopecia. However, there is a solution for every person. A hair transplant is a cosmetic method that can restore a man’s or woman’s confidence.

woman suffering from hair loss

It’s essential to check a doctor’s license.

In Tampa, a doctor’s associate employs “Dr” before his name since he’s gotten a Ph.D. (a doctorate certificate) yet is anything but a genuine, authorized doctor. He has been consulted by news organizations, paid for, and called “Dr. this and that” on TV. We view this as unimaginably flighty and exceptionally worthwhile concerning this individual, thinking he’s in the clinical business and utilizing “Dr” before his name, which confounds the public. A potential patient should research to ensure the individual they are thinking about is genuine.

Second, Do they specialize in hair restoration or is it just one of the many services they offer?

It’s pretty safe to say that if a doctor is a “jack of all trades” it makes you wonder if they’re highly skilled at the service you’re interested in. If you’re looking for a hair transplant specialist in Tampa FL, you most likely want to see a website that features a doctor that is well known for their work in restoring hair. You ideally don’t want to see a choose a doctor that features a dozen services that require years of practice – from rhinoplasty, hair restoration, lipo, etc.

A good hint is that they offer FUE hair restorations done with the latest technology – NeoGraft

NeoGraft is a revolutionary hair restoration technology that uses the patient’s own hairs to restore a healthy and youthful-looking head of hair. The procedure requires no incisions, it can be performed right here in our facility with minimal invasiveness – making this option ideal for everyone! NeoGraft technology has been developed to help men and women suffering from hair loss. It uses an extraction technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE), which offers more natural results with less scarring than (FUT) follicular unit transplantation traditional scalp strip methods do!
Comparing FUE Vs. FUT Hair Transplants

The third attribute should be enrollment to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

It is where generally genuine hair MDs ought to go to stay aware of new techniques and what’s working or is obsolete in the hair reclamation field.

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Finally, the fourth attribute is a certified hair specialist ought to have had numerous before and after pictures of the patients they have worked on. 

New specialists in the field attempt to portray themselves as more experienced than they genuinely are by lying about how many years and the number of medical procedures they have performed. They even compose counterfeit Google reviews to fluff themselves up; however, at that point their lack of before and after photos should tell you all you need to know. Common sense will let you know that if a specialist is pretty much as experienced as they describe themselves, they ought to have the option to show you a lot of pictures portraying extraordinary outcomes. You should see photos of successful hair transplants and see similar examples that reflect your own current personal hair loss situation. This is helpful because you can visualize what your own results after the procedure might look like.

Take the time and exertion in exploring the right surgeon.

You should feel 100% confident in your choice when selecting a hair restoration provider. Considering everything, assuming you are thinking about a hair restoration medical procedure, take the time in exploring hair surgeons. Why not give your list of potential candidates a call and schedule a free consultation?

Simply calling their hair clinic will give you a great first impression of their professionalism.

When you visit your in-person consultation, the hair surgeon should be able to professionally answer your questions and leave you feeling confident with your choice selecting them to perform your hair transplant procedure.

If you’ve always wanted to have your hair restored in Tampa but didn’t know where the best place is, contact Concord Hair Florida. They will give you free consultations!