The need to drop five myths about hair transplant surgery is urgent. Unfortunately, misinformation regarding this treatment option makes patients shy away from it. As a result, people will never know how effective/safe the procedure really is. Why? Because they’re too terrified of what other people might say if you tell them!

Myth 1 – Hair Transplants Might make you Lose MORE Hair

Fears based on this myth exist because people expect their entire head to thin when just certain areas have hair thinning. Yes, this isn’t true! Your surgeon takes follicles from donors sites. These hairs are the ones that don’t suffer from balding (or male pattern)and put them in areas that need coverage.

Myth 2 – Hair Transplant Surgery is JUST for Young Men

You may assume that a hair transplant surgery is only for males. However, thanks to evolving technology such as unshaved grafting and its ability in women without trimming their own hair this misconception can be overcome and those who suffer from male pattern baldness have access again!

Many hair restoration specialists, recommend the treatment to older men with moderate-to-severe male pattern baldness when they have lost most of their scalp, but not all. They tell us that getting procedures too early can result in losing some hair through and around newly grafted follicles later on down the line – so make sure you visit our Tampa Florida based hair transplant clinic before deciding if this is right for your situation!

Myth 3 – Instant Results

If you’re hoping for a full head of hair by the time of your next appointment, it might be best not to get too excited. No, it’s not an instant fix, it takes time for the hair follicles to take root fully and regrow. The time period on average is 6-8 months. It’s not going to be as if you shaved your head and the hair will just grow as normal, there is a process. With results like these pictured below, the wait is worth the time.

hair transplant Tampa before after

Myth 4- Hair Transplants are VERY Painful

Nope. Our highly trained Tampa FL hair loss specialist may use local anesthesia to numb any pain. A FUE hair restoration surgery is a painless and effective way to combat hair loss. Patients who are afraid of the procedure’s potential discomfort can overcome their phobias. Our advanced technologies like this one, which uses local anesthesia during surgery so you feel nothing but relief!

Myth 5 – All Hair Transplants Look FAKE

Nope. Follicular unit extraction is a quick and easy way to get back on track with your hair loss treatment goals. The surgeons will use highly advanced surgical tools. You can enjoy seamless results without any noticeable scars or uneven growth that may take place when traditional surgeries are performed in an attempt at corrective procedure completion!

BONUS MYTH – Another Person’s Hair is Used

No. With other surgical transplant procedures, people often assume that the same applies to hair transplants. All grafts for your procedure come from you, and ONLY You!

Here are five myths about hair loss that you should forget. Let Concord Hair Florida help! We’re telling the truth and providing some more information on how we can solve your thinning problem for good!

Do you want to know what it feels like to have thicker, fuller hair that is longer lasting?

You could get a free consultation with the best hair transplants in Tampa who will answer all your questions about FUE transplants! Concord Hair Florida offers an advanced technology called “Follicular Unit Extraction” (or simply ‘fue’). This allows us at the clinic in Tampa Bay do more than just remove scalp tissue; we’re able to break down individual hairs into their component parts so they can be used for transplantation purposes.

You may be wondering if a free consultation with us is right for you. It’s never too late to discover the answer! Contact Concord Hair Florida today at (813)729-1523