Hair transplantation is the most important of all cosmetic procedures since it frames your face and helps to focus on what you were born with. As such, choosing an expert who can not only successfully transplant hair, but is also skilled at hair artistry. Hence – natural-looking results! You want a hair restoration specialist in Florida that has a gallery of natural results, successful before and after photos! Once you find a hair transplant expert that knows the best practice of their craft, it will help ensure that this procedure goes off without any hiccups or complications in future treatments!

Concord Hair Florida specializes in one thing – and it’s Hair Restoration! Unlike other clinics that offer a large variety of services, such as Botox, Cool Sculpting, Lipo…our medical team has solely dedicated their careers for over 25 years to helping patients get the hair they’ve always wanted.

Our biggest recommendation: Take your time when making an appointment with us so we can give you every type and style imaginable in order to make sure there is one perfect match made just right. The specialist you research should also be able to answer many hair transplant FAQs.

Here are a few imperative questions to ask your hair doctor:

How long has he/she been performing procedures like this?

What percentage of the surgeon’s work is with transplantation and how much does it make up for in general (he may be an expert at all types)?

Is there any board certification by any organization related to these practices?

Are they using the latest technologies such as NeoGraft for FUE hair restorations?

Do they have before and afters you can relate to and expect the same results?

You will be spending around 8 hours at their hair restoration treatment center, do they have comfortable accommodations? Are food and beverages readily available? Entertainment while you have your hair restoration?

Do they offer in-person and virtual consultations?

Treat yourself to a consultation with the most qualified and experienced hair transplant specialists in Florida. You’ll be able to make an informed decision about what’s best for your needs, whether it is us or another clinic.

You can rest easy knowing that we will not let you down. Our guarantee to provide the information necessary for an informed decision is guaranteed 100% satisfaction in your choice of hair replacement clinic or specialist services from our team!

Ready to get your hair transplant in Tampa FL? Here are 4 benefits of getting a hair transplant at our Tampa hair clinic.

You won’t regret your decision to visit us after hearing all of the information we have available for consultation.

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