It’s time to re-grow your hair with FUE (a cutting-edge non-invasive surgery!)

Looking back at photos from our past, we all have one thing in common – a head full of shiny thick hair and a youthful defined hairline. The things we take for granted.

You’re not alone. The sad truth is that by the age of 35, two-thirds (66%) of American men will experience some level of noticeable hair loss and at 50 approximately 85% are experiencing significantly thinning hair. In total there is an estimated population count of close to 100 million males who suffer from this condition! However, not everyone is settling for less hair, they’re taking action to actually restore their hair. The good news is that hair transplants are now more safer and popular than ever!

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Introducing NeoGraft Technolofy

NeoGraft is the newest and most advanced hair restoration technique. It’s a semi-automated version of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), where surgeons remove individual follicles from either side or back your head before implanting them in bald areas on top with no incisions needed!

Reduces Hair Follicle Damage

The NeoGraft system reduces hair follicle trauma and damage compared to traditional FUE or FUT surgeries, meaning that it may improve the survival rate of transplanted hairs.

Reduced Human Error / Minimally Invasive

Minimal complications are possible with this technique as it doesn’t require cutting a strip of skin from your scalp. The automation helps remove the human error that could cause damage to nerves or blood vessels, so you can enjoy an easy recovery process after the surgery is done!

Need an Alalogy?

Repurposing a lawn to grow hair is not surgery but rather like digging up an unwanted patch of grass and moving it elsewhere. The end result will be 100% natural because you are cultivating your own mane!

Who is a Candidate for a FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation surgery is a procedure that many people find themselves considering when they are self-conscious about their hairline. There isn’t any medical benefit to this, but it may help you feel more confident in the appearance of your head if nothing else does – for those who suffer from androgenic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness).

If you are older than 25 years old and have a healthy donor area of hair to transplant, then a hair transplant may be right for your needs.

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