FUE Hair Restoration

FUE Hair Restoration (follicular unit extraction) is a treatment that produces exceptionally natural-looking results with an incredibly short recovery time. No linear scarring and affordable payment options.

The FUE hair restoration procedure consists of 2 parts:

1. Extraction – Removing the follicles from the donor area one by one, and local anesthetics are applied during this time to make sure you feel no pain!

2) Implantation-Inserting each extracted follicle into your head where it’s needed; if any side or back is immune then those regions will be free for extraction as well (this way more hairs can grow).


Local anesthetics are applied during extraction and implantation, thus the actual hair procedure is pain-free. Individual follicles from lower back of head or middle section can be removed due to immunity they have against DHT hormone which causes ‘killer hairs’ effect on people with high testosterone levels in their bodies; side extractions may also happen for those without as much DHT resistance present.

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How long will the FUE procedure take?

The duration of an FUE procedure depends on how many follicles we need to individually implant, the easiness and ease in extraction as well as size coverage area needed.

Because these hairs are extracted one by one it can take up 8 hours or so for this method depending on your needs!

Your comfort is our priority

You can watch movies, chat with friends online or play games during your FUE procedure.

You’ll barely even notice how long it takes because we have made sure everything is perfect here at Concord Hair Florida – from our excellent staff who are always available if you need something anytime, fully stocked snacks available, and of course there are regular bathroom breaks.

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Why settle for anything less than the best?

 A lifetime of amazing hair awaits you. The FUE hair restoration method guarantees no linear scars or stitches, and it usually heals within 2-4 days after your procedure!

You’re going to love your hair again!



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