Have you been noticing your hair getting thinner on top? Looking for ways to restore your thinning eyebrows or even consider getting a hair transplant to restore your beard? It might be time for a change. For many men, the concern of going bald is enough reason to start taking care of their appearance and health in general; but there’s no need to worry! There are multiple options available when it comes down to deciding how to best handle this issue – especially with help from an experienced specialist like me who has seen them all before (and will know what works).


Minoxidil is a medication that can be taken to slow down male hair loss. It’s FDA-approved and over the counter, meaning anyone could purchase it at their local pharmacy for use on scalp treatments! When applied correctly this drug will cause new growth in your hair. That being said, if you stop taking it, Minoxidil will stop working, so consistency is a must.


Finasteride is a medication often recommended by those in the hair loss treatment field. It essentially slows down the production of DHT, which can lead to new growth for some men who take it! You should always speak to a male hair loss specialist before taking any medication, but many do recommend finasteride over minoxidil.


The best way to grow your hair is by targeting the root causes of thinning. With Hair Growth Nutraceuticals, you can do just that naturally through a whole-body health regimen! Nutrafol’s patented Synergen Complex® is a proprietary blend of concentrated botanicals in unique ratios suited to the biological differences between men and women throughout life.


FUE is a great option if you are looking for an all-natural hairline. The FUE procedure is popular for aesthetic reasons because it blends in with your existing head of hair. First and foremost, unlike strip surgery, this method doesn’t require any major incision scars or extended recovery time. Generally, a FUE procedure has less discomfort as well! For most people, going about their daily routine is not affected by FUE. The good news, you can typically stay at home after each procedure. Best of all, you don’t need to interrupt any activities for about a week afterward either. Who is the best candidate for a FUE hair transplant? Someone that is thinning or balding who still has enough hair to transplant to the affected areas.

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Ready to make sure that you are picking the right solutions for thinning hair? There is a lot of information and many options to consider. You should just take time to determine what will work best with who you are as an individual person! If you want to get serious, I recommend you give me a call!

As a hair transplant clinic in Tampa Florida, Concord Hair Florida uses the latest technology to perform FUE hair transplants.

Lastly, one of the best decisions you can make for your hair is a free FUE Hair Transplant Consultation at our clinic. We are located in Tampa, FL, and ready to answer all questions about this procedure!

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