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FUE transplants are a great way to get hair restoration surgery and feel good about yourself. The typical procedure takes around eight hours, but afterward, you should expect quick results!

You’ve already researched how to prepare for your hair transplant surgery. Now here’s what to expect after your hair restoration:

Immediately After Fue Transplants

The Fue hair transplant procedure has one of the lowest incidences of bruising and scarring, but you may still experience some. It’s important that it heals properly so don’t touch anything in a few days!

For anyone who experiences discomfort after their surgery, an over-the-counter painkiller will do the trick. The first few nights you should elevate your head with pillows while sleeping so that any swelling is reduced and soreness subsides faster! You will most likely be able to go back to your regular sleeping position as soon as night 4 or 5. If unsure, a quick call to our clinic and FaceTime with Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel will answer any hesitations you may have.

FUE hair restoration Tampa
Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel with patient

When Can I Get Back to My Normal Activities?

After a Fue procedure, it is important to return to your normal activities right away. For the five-to seven days following this surgery, you should avoid wiping or touching any transplant area so as not to do damage by rubbing against them before they have fully taken root!

When Will My New Hair Growth Be Noticeable?

Your new hair will start growing in about two months and by four months you should see thicker, longer strands. It could take up to one year for all your hairs follicles to be at their peak length but after 12 weeks with Fue transplants treatments, this is possible! Check out the full timeline of what to expect from your FUE hair transplant.

What Are the Possible Complications for a FUE Hair Transplant?

Fue transplants are a safe, less invasive way to promote hair growth. At no point in the process will you be exposed to surgical instruments and this procedure does not require that patients go under general anesthesia which means there is little risk for complications such as post-surgical infection or scarring issues.



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You want natural-looking hair, so you may be interested in the Fue transplant process. Learn more about it and make an appointment with one of our specialists today!

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