When one thinks of Tampa, Florida one might expect an idyllic paradise with beautiful weather and lush greenery. However, there are many causes of hair loss besides stress. Things such as genetics, poor diet, hormones, age, and medication, make people lose their hair!

There are many strategies to combat the effects of hair loss and thinning. One way is by visiting a hair clinic in Tampa that can find you an appropriate treatment plan for your needs, whether it be through medications or surgeries!

Hair Replacement

Some popular hair replacement methods include Hair vitamins, devices such as Red light LED therapy, Micro-needling, Pharmaceutical drugs, and Holistic herbal remedies. Non-surgical methods are often the preferred first-line in reversing hair loss and thinning. These include drug therapy, and lifestyle changes such as exercise, or vitamin regimen supplements before you consider surgery for your problem area!

Comparing FUE Vs. FUT Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant

Hair restoration is a procedure that can be employed if the previously mentioned methods do not work for you. More commonly this procedure has two different methods known (FUT) and (FUE).

The FUE is an excellent choice for those looking to have their hair restored with the most natural-looking results. By taking each individual strand of hair one at a time, this technique ensures the most natural-looking results possible.

With an FUE hair transplant, your hairline will look natural and not harsh and too thick – which looks like you’ve had “work done.”

Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel Concord Hair Restoration Florida
FUE tampa FL
FUE hair transplant example

Another great feature of the FUE hair transplant is that the donor area will look natural as well. You would never know that hair was transferred from one area to the other.

The FUE hair transplant procedure will also never give you a “linear scar”. This refers to the unsightly scar that results from a FUT hair transplant. The famous scar is known to be across the back of someone’s head that used that area as a donor area and placed to the hairline being restored. Thank goodness times have changed!

Tampa Florida Has Amazing Hair Surgeons

Are you located in Tampa FL? Or perhaps you’re planning to vacation to Tampa, Florida – the Sunshine state. If you’re suffering from hair loss and would like to regrow your own natural hair, why not get a free virtual or in-office hair consultation? Concord Hair Restoration Florida provides some of the top FUE hair transplants in Tampa FL. Be sure to view our hair transplant before and after photos. We arguably have the Best hair transplant in Florida.

Meet Top Hair Transplant Doctor in Tampa, FL

Say hello to Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel – a top Neograft doctor living in Tampa FL. A Neograft provider performing natural-looking hair transplants in Tampa FL. His hair transplant practice has also recently expanded and he holds another location providing hair transplants in Fort Myers FL now at this new hair clinic location.

FUE hair restoration Tampa
Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel with the patient after the hair transplant

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